• New Puppy Shopping List

    It's almost time for your new arrival to come home, so here is a list of items you may want to get for your new arrival! This article is actively in progress, I will continue to add recommendations to this article as I find great items for bullies!


    Food: The most important choice you can make for your new bully!!!! Our pups are fed Fromm puppy (in the pink bag), and we highly recommend you stick with this food. What you feed your bully is the staple of their overall health and development. After they are 6 months old, we recommend the Fromm Four Star line. All Fromm food can be purchased online from Petflow. They also carry all the top brands of dog food and the shipping is FREE!

    Supplement: Your new English Bulldog puppy comes with a responsibility of providing them with the best nutrition and supplements to help keep their immune system healthy and strong. Supplements we personally provide for our bulldogs include Salmon or Coconut oil, Plain Greek Yogurt, and NUVET PLUS. Your puppy will come home taking one NuVet tablet daily.

    Collar or Harness: If you are in training mode, and your puppy pulls on their lead, a harness is recommended over a collar. At least until they walk with you and are obedient walkers. Collars can choke and put pressure on the neck and esophagus which can be very dangerous for your bully. For daily wear, choose a collar with a good clip and if for any reason the collar becomes loose while its on or your bully can find a way to remove it, put it in the bin immediately. It may become their next meal if you don't as bullies (and especially puppies) love to chew things they shouldn't!

    Leash: Retractable leashes are only for experienced and obedient bully walkers. Do not get a retractable leash because a bully can easily break the lead. They are very strong and you or your bully can get injured in the process. Speaking from experience!

    Camera: Get that camera ready and snap as many pictures as you can! Bully pups grow fast and go through so many changes in their growth the first year. Keep it charged and ready and enjoy those moments!

    Creature Comforts

    Beds: Beds can be tricky and there is so many out there to choose from! Remember, puppies in general and especially English Bulldog puppies may rip their bed up. Please keep a close eye on them to make sure they don't seem interested in eating their bed rather than laying on it! Many pups and even adults may "mark" their bed too. When I say they mark it, they pee on it so that they are letting the house know it belongs to them. This can be frustrating because you will need to wash it. So my choice of beds is something that is not too fluffy in case they decide to make a meal out of it, and easily washable. The good news is that these types of beds are generally much less expensive. I also LOVE Comfy Pet Pads, which are made by one of our Desert Sky puppy families! I keep one on each couch too, since you can pick from so many designs you can get something nice to match your style.

    Crate: You may want to get two crates if you are going to crate train your puppy. A smaller 24" crate will be suitable for a short time but eventually you will need one that is about 36". The reason you may want to start out smaller is because it makes training easier if they don't have TOO much room in their bed, as it is in their instinct not to soil their sleeping quarters if they can help it.

    Toys and Treats

    Preferred toys: Young puppies can have a variety of toys but always be very watchful and supervise their chewing behaviors. Discard any toys that are smaller than their whole jaw. Bullies can swallow VERY large items. Rope toys can be hazerdous to a heavy chewer. The threads will get eaten and can end up getting tied up in the intestine. My preferred toys are larger Kong toys, Nylabones (not the edible ones), and deer or elk antlers. If you get lucky to have a light chewer you will be able to expand your toys but for heavy chewers be VERY, VERY, VERY careful, because toy obstructions are so common in bulldogs! They can also have an allergic reaction to certain rubbers and plastics, especially if it is inside their digestive system.

    Grooming Products

    Wrinkle Cleaners: Douxo pads, Malacetic Otic, Malacetic Ultra, Witch Hazel, Diaper Rash Cream

    Shampoo: Pharmaseb or NuVet Tea Tree

    Brushes: Kong, Furminator, slicker brush

    Nail Clippers: Good clippers and dremel

    Other Supplies to Always Have

    Benedryl: Always have Benedryl on hand in case of an allergic reaction. Bug bites are the most common but if your bulldog starts to swell or gets a rash/hives, give them a dose of benedryl before you rush to the vet, this could save your babies life! The dosage is 1mg per pound. The reason it is so urgent is because if the swelling becomes too much, it could close off their throat and obstruct their airway.


    This article is in progess, please check back soon!

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