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    Hello! It is very nice to meet you! We are Chip and Lisa. We would like to tell you more about us.

    Finding an English Bulldog breeder who you can keep in touch with after you purchase your puppy is very important. When you purchase a Desert Sky Bulldog, you also get US along with your puppy, for a forever relationship- to assist you in the care and needs of your new family member. We have 4 children, Noah- age 15, Carson- age 10, Bryce- age 5 and Sedona- age 1. All of our children love having bulldogs around, well.... most of the time!

    We have known and loved English Bulldogs for almost 20 years! When we were married in March of 1994, we decided to get our first dog. Chip wanted an English Bulldog, but Lisa was not too crazy about the idea. But, needless to say, he talked her into it, and when we saw our new little girl, we fell in love instantly. Ever since then, we have owned several English Bulldogs, and adore them completely.

    We have always wanted to breed English Bulldogs, for the love of the breed, and of course, to be able to raise beautiful English Bulldog Puppies. We also wanted something we could do together with our children as a family, and raising English Bulldogs seemed to be the perfect choice. It took us 15 years to finally do this, and we are glad we waited because there is so much to learn about Bulldogs and their breeding.

    In the past, we have purchased English Bulldogs that possibly came from puppy mills or non-quality breeders. For example, our baby girl Sarah we purchased over the internet, from an importer- she came from Hungary. We paid a hefty price for her and to have her shipped to us, but when she arrived she was bleeding from her ears and had kennel cough, which turned into pneumonia. Later she developed horrible allergies and thyroid problems. She took much care, medications, and shots. We suspect she came from a puppy mill. Watch out for IMPORTERS and BROKERS on the internet. How can you tell if they are? Well, usually they will have many puppies for sale to choose from, or they will not be AKC registered.

    After learning more about getting our dogs from a QUALITY breeder, we now have healthy beautiful girls. We may have had to drive long distances to get our girls, but it is so worth it.

    This is why it is important for you to develop a strong relationship with your breeder. English Bulldogs that are not bred for health can end up costing you a lot of money in vet bills and many of them end up in rescue because they are abandoned by their owners who cannot afford to care for them.

    Our goal as Desert Sky Bulldogs is to breed quality, healthy English Bulldog puppies. Remember, a good healthy pup is the most important quality you can find! We may not breed very often, but that is because our bulldogs are our family.

    When we do have puppies they are in our home, cared for by all family members. Well, Lisa does most of the work but it is certainly a team effort. Our puppies are always around us and become very well socialized and trusting of humans, and especially children.

    Lisa spends most of her days on English Bulldog News. Working with all of the website volunteers creating contests, fundraising events, posting bulldogs in rescue, sharing photos and helping other bulldog owners with questions. Beyond English Bulldog News she has also created a recipe forum, Taste Tested Recipes. Yes, she loves to cook too. Pet Help Forum because we love all pets and wanted to reach more pet owners, and last but not least her desire to help Special Needs owners and French Bulldogs the way English Bulldog News helps owners has added Special Needs Bulldogs and French Bulldog News to the internet in April of 2013.

    Chip loves old cars, especially 60's Chevys. He works on programming Cable Television plants after they have been upgraded.

    We have 3 sons and 1 daughter, each of the boys are 5 years apart. Our youngest two are just a year apart and she was a little unexpected surprise! We home school our children, and have a wonderful online school program we use called Arizona Connections Academy. So we spend a lot of time together at home as a family, and we would not have it any other way!

    Our Bulldogs and the very ever-so-slight obsession that we have with them has become a part of our life. If you are thinking of adding an English Bulldog to your family, please check out the English Bulldog Breed Information section to learn all about bullies and make sure they are the right breed for you and your family.

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