• English Bulldog Breeding - Chapter 37: Making Puppy "Mush"

    The way I prepare mush will vary from the first day I make it to the last day. Most English Bulldog puppies will take to it very quickly. The key is to work with them individually for the first few times they eat it, and make it a pleasant experience. Occasionally you may have a very scared pup who refuses to take to it, but be patient and keep talking sweet to them, their trust in you will help them overcome their fear.

    The first time I make it, it is much smoother and creamy like a chocolate milkshake. The first day I only give them mush for one meal. I will do this in the evening so they will have fuller tummies to last through the night, and now you can start stretching out that nighttime to get more sleep! If you do it for the 10pm feeding, your pups should be fine until morning at 6 AM. Congratulations, you may have finally gotten some much needed rest!

    Okay back to the mush. You will need the following ingredients and items to prepare your mush:

    Goat's Milk (I put in a little dry goat milk along with the regular goat milk)
    NuVet Plus wafer (crushed into powder with a fork)
    Puppy Food (hopefully Fromm Puppy!)

    Depending on the size of your litter will depend on how much to make. To play it safe, do 1/4 cup kibble for 4 puppies. Soak the kibble in plenty of very warm water until it is completely soaked through. It should not hard in the middle. If you take one kibble out and smash it with the palm of your hand, it should flatten completely. If the water is not very warm, it will take forever to soften.

    Put the puppy food, including any leftover water, the NuVet Plus wafer, and a little goat's milk in the blender. If you have a lot of access water from the food soak you may want to drain some off. The main reason I don't like to drain it off is because you may be loosing a lot of nutrients from the food in that water. If I have too much water I will use the powdered form of goat's milk instead of the liquid form. Blend it on a liquify setting until it is smooth.

    Using your fingers (wash hands thoroughly!) feed each pup individually. This is great bonding time and helps your pup build trust in humans. Remember to speak to them very sweetly. From the day they are born I do a little sound whenever I hold them close to let them know I'm there. So I use this sound when I am feeding their first mush. After you do it individually a few times you can introduce the weaning dish, they should take to it pretty easily with your assistance, and they can all eat together.

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