• English Bulldog Breeding - Chapter 36: How To Wean Your Puppy

    Many new breeders may be nervous about puppy weaning, but it is actually very easy. As long as you follow my mush to soft kibble schedule in the next chapter you will do fine! The best part about baby bulldogs is they love to eat, so weaning is not only necessary, it's pretty easy with English Bulldogs

    First, you will prepare the Mush, which is a basically dog food and supplements softened and blended. I will give you a step by step detail on making mush in the next chapter.

    As each day progresses, you should make the mush thicker until it is almost like a paste, with chunks of the soaked kibble still in tact.

    Providing you have been feeding mom the same diet above (minus the goat milk) the puppies should have no digestive discomfort. Just ease into it slowly. Here is my typical mush schedule:

    First Day of Mush: Late night feeding, topped off with regular feeding of either mom's milk or goat milk.

    Second and Third Day of Mush: Afternoon feeding and late night feeding

    Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Day of Mush: Noon, 5PM and 10PM mush, bottles or mom's milk in the morning.

    Day 7 should be only soaked kibble (not blended into mush) morning, noon, 5PM and 10PM, and your pups should be about 5 weeks old.

    At the age of five weeks, your pups should be eating 4 times a day. Soaked Fromm kibble at 1/6 cup per puppy is a good start. I like to use weaning dishes for mush on week 4 and softened kibble on week 5. Weaning dishes teach your puppies community eating. They start to get very greedy and pushy, as bulldogs love food! See video below:

    However, eventually a pup may be pushed aside and not get enough food, while others get too much. This can eventually lead to food guarding, something you do not want your bulldog puppies to start doing. Bulldogs are born to want to over-eat, at week 6 I change them to having individual portions. Since there is no such thing as 1/6 of a cup I just use a 1/4 cup scoop and shake a little out. Another benefit to giving individual portions is that the puppies stool should level out, and you can monitor their poop consistency better. Nothing more fun than poop pancakes that have been stepped in and walked all over, especially when you just changed the bedding! If their poop is still too soft, go down to 1/8 cup per puppy. Larger litters may not need as much since they are a little smaller in size at 6 weeks. If the poop firms up nicely, go up to an even 1/4 cup. You will continue to increase the amount but you will also decrease the number of feedings. Continue feeding on the same schedule (7AM, 12PM,5PM,10PM) until week 7.

    Here is pups getting individual servings:

    On week 7, you will change their schedule to 3 times a day. You may want to wait until 7 1/2 weeks. However, you will want them on this schedule before they leave to their new homes after week 8. So the new schedule should be something like 7AM, 1PM, and 7PM. Depending on their size will depend on how much food, but they should be about 1/3 cup to 1/2 cup each serving.

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