• English Bulldog Breeding - Chapter 30: 10 Day Milestone!

    Congratulations! You have reached day 10! This is great news for you, and your puppies. Your pups immune systems are getting stronger now, and if they were to become sick at this age, they have a much larger chance of survival.

    And guess what? You can now get some much needed rest! Your mom maybe losing weight so keep a close eye on her and make sure you check her temperature every day. If for any reason her milk is not enough or she starts showing signs of mastitis, be ready with needed supplies to supplement with goat milk.

    Dont get too comfortable just yet. You have a long way to go and a lot of work ahead of you. You can breathe a sigh of relief now though, as your puppies now are really starting to move around, some are probably even pooping and peeing pretty well on their own. Make sure you continue to keep them warm, change their bedding often, and make sure they are continuing to gain weight. A good rule of thumb is they should gain double their weight in a week at this age. So if they were born at 12 ounces, they should be around 25-30 ounces at 10 days. If you are no where near that number and your pups dont look chubby yiu should consider supplementing with goat milk if you are not already.

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