• English Bulldog Breeding - Chapter 17: Litter Sizes

    This chapter has not been comepletly written and edited yet, please come back later.

    The average size of an English Bulldog litter is 5, and for us we had a couple of litters of one or two but also a few litters of nine. To date our average litter size is 5.6 puppies per litter. We did also count all the puppies, even those who were not brought home by poor c-sections, or the few who did not survive (RIP angels). So we are very much close to being the average litter size, although we have never had a litter of 5!

    You should hope for a litter of 4-5. Yes, larger litters are great, but they usually have a harder time during their first few days of life, and smaller litters seem to thrive sooner. Eventually the larger litters will catch up, but not without a lot of work and diligence on your part! Larger litters are a ton more work, the difference in the amount of time each additional pup takes to care for in the end will add up to a lot- trust me, I have been there.

    I am sure many of us who have had experience with litters hope for that average litter size of 5 in the end. If you have a large litter, you will be up to your elbows in cuteness, wrinkles, and sweet puppy breath. BUT.... you will also be up to your elbows in pee, poop, laundry, and puppies who constantly need their beds changed or washed, it never ends. If they poop, one will step in it and leave poop prints all over, or another will sleep right on it. Haha, I am laughing now, it is fond memories now, but maybe not then

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