• English Bulldog Breeding - Chapter 14: Preparing For Your Litter

    This chapter has not been completely written yet, please come back later.

    Supplies you will need:

    At least 20-30 clean white washcloths
    10-15 Towels that are not worn or frayed
    A few big towels
    A few big blankets
    A couple of sheets
    Receiving blankets (for babies)
    10-15 Hand Towels
    A heat lamp
    Low voltage heating pads (two or three)
    At least 2 tubs (clear plastic is best)
    A whelping box
    A giant pool (the kind for kids or dogs to play with outside)
    A small pool (the kind for kids or dogs to play with outside)
    Pee pads
    Giant Package of paper towels
    Several bags of cotton balls
    Dr. Browns Preemie Bottle
    Couple of hot water bottles
    Plenty of puppy food stocked for mom
    1 can of dry Goats Milk
    Nuvet Plus
    A box of 1cc syringes

    Here is our living room when the pups were about 5 weeks old, we have the play pool and the whelping box both in the room. We like to have the pups where we are so they get used to humans always being there to give them some love!

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