• English Bulldog Breeding - Chapter 12: Pregnacy & Gestation

    This chapter is not 100% complete, please come back and read more later.

    In no way should bulldogs ever be bred until they are two years old, or close to it. Many genetic health issues may not show up in the first 2 years, and your dam will need ALL of her own vitamins, minerals and hormones to grow herself before she starts growing little bulldogs inside her body. Breeding ANY dog before they are fully grown us like having children under the age of 10 get pregnant and have a baby.

    So first and foremost, your first job as a breeder is to make sure your mamma is #1 priority and research as much as you can about English Bulldog Breeding. Make sure you read all chapters of this blog! Your dam should be eating the BEST foods, taking a NuVet Plus Supplement each day, and at peak health at the time of breeding. Never breed a dam who is not well, has ever had any health issues, and needs ANY type of medicine. You cannot give medicine to your dam while she is in gestation.

    Your dam should be eating a high quality grain free food before she is bred. Your job now is to make sure your dam gets the right amount of vitamins to create little pups inside her, while having enough to keep herself healthy. She has a big job ahead of her! You do not want her to gain too much weight, as additional weight can be so hard for her as she gets closer to her due date, starts producing milk in her teats, plus it will make the c-section much more difficult on her. A little extra weight is fine, she will lose it quickly when the pups arrive, but not too much.

    The first 4 weeks she should eat as normal, but add a few additional snacks like fresh fruit or vegetables. Before she has been bred she should be on NuVet Plus, and once you have a successful breeding, you should increase her to 1.5 or even two tabs daily. She should also be taking folic acid (you can find this at a walgreens or any human drug store). Folic Acid will hopefully help prevent the chances of having a spina bifida (see chapter 47) puppy.

    So some basic rules for your pregnant dam I would like to sum up quickly are:

    1.) Eats a normal amount of food for the first 4 weeks plus a few extra snacks.

    2.) Takes 1.5 NuVet Plus tablets daily

    3.) Takes 1 Folic Acid tablet daily

    4.) Weeks 5 & 6 increase her daily food intake by 1 cup

    5.) Week 6 switch her to a good puppy food, the one you plan on feeding your puppies.

    6.) By week 7 she should be eating only puppy food. Up her NuVet intake to 2 tablets per day.

    7.) Absolutely NO medicine unless you consult your veterinarian first.

    8.) Keep her a comfortable as possible.

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