• English Bulldog Breeding - Chapter 9: Why Do Bulldogs Have C-Sections?

    Why do bulldogs have to have c-sections? Can't they just try to deliver their puppies? Why is it safer to do a c-section than a delivery? These are many questions you may have, and I hope to answer them for you.

    I have spoken about C-sections in the previous chapters, and there is only a few reasons English Bulldogs have c-sections. But for those few reasons, they are the difference between life and death for your bulldog mamma. The above video shows a c-section and delivery of an English Bulldog pup. This will give you an idea of how the c-section is done. All dogs have two "horns", one on the left and one on the right. Usually both horns will have pups. The number of pups in each horn can vary. There may be 2 on the right and 6 in the left. There may be 2 on the left and zero on the right. Some vets will pull the horns out of the dam completely before they begin to take them out, so do not be surprised if they do. The vet in this video takes them out of the horns, and removes the pups one at a time. It is important to find a vet who has done many c-sections (successfully).

    First of all, bulldogs can over heat easily due to their brachycephalic faces. Their airways are not as great as most breeds. Even if your bulldog is blessed with a wonderful breathing system, (which should be one of the breeding traits you seek), it is still dangerous to have them labor for many hours. If they overheat, you may not be able to bring down their temperature even while monitoring them closely.

    The next reason is because of the build of puppies compared to other breeds. English bulldogs have larger heads and shoulders. If the pups are good sized, they could easily get stuck in the birth canal. Since larger litters are usually smaller sized, you risk a long labor. If the litter is smaller, the pups may be very large and too difficult to push out. It is a risk not worth taking.

    Water puppies (also known as Walrus Puppies) are common in English Bulldogs. The cause is unknown, so there is no guarantee and no way of knowing if you have one until they are born. I had 12 litters and did not have a single water puppy. I was thinking our bulldogs just did not have this condition. It was not until the 13th litter did we have one, and I was shocked. I had seen pictures online but nothing could prepare me for it. If my mom had tried to deliver naturally, she and many pups would have died.

    Knowing the risks to the mamma above, it is certainly a much safer choice to have the c-section. You could, potentially, try delivering a litter at the vets office (if they would let you), and have the c-section surgery room prepped, but many vets offices are not equipped for this. The best bet is to find an awesome vet, and this is the choice that is the safest and more superior for your dam. Again, I will state, your vet is the key to a successful breeding and delivery of your pups.

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