• English Bulldog Breeding - Chapter 6: Can Bulldogs Breed Naturally?

    Yes Bulldogs can breed naturally, however it is a very dangerous practice. One of the main reasons is due to the fact that English Bulldogs overheat easily. If you have ever been around or seen a breeding take place between two dogs, it is a very long process that can take hours or even days.

    In a normal breeding, the dam will let the sire know when she is ready to mate, by flagging him. Flagging means she will basically keep presenting herself to the male in mating position. In the hours and days beforehand, it is s game of cat and mouse. The sire will continuously try to mount the dam NON STOP until she allows him to finally mate. Bulldogs can get more overheated by being excited and stimulated for 10-15 minutes during this type of excitement than spending 30 minutes outside in the sun on a hot summers day. Think about it.

    Also, due to their heavy body structures, it is not easy for the female to hold up the male in mounting position. Which makes it even more exhausting for both sire and dam.

    Some people are under the impression that since they own English Bulldogs and since they require Artificial Insemination, that they can freely keep the bulldogs in tact and they won't mate.

    Believe me, they can, and they will try to do it! So if you do have both male and female bulldogs in tact and a female is in season, you must keep her separated from the male until her heat cycle has finished completely. If you don't, you will drive them both crazy, because they will follow their natural instincts and try in any and every way possible to successfully mate. This is in their DNA, the desire to produce offspring and mate is an instinct that cannot be ignored or forgotten. People who think "poor dog" when they see a dog pregnant are utterly confused, because just like a lion, rat, monkey, bird, or HUMAN BEING, the instinct to mate is pretty much what all creatures on this earth live for.

    I have met English Bulldog owners on social media who had an accidental breeding due to their ignorance of thinking their male or female bulldog simply couldn't do it. A pair of young bulldogs under 1 year of age! One case I remember was a female mixed breed who was a senior dog became pregnant without the owners knowledge by her 4 year old bulldog. This happened because she assumed that he "couldn't" do it.

    When Bulldogs are artificially inseminated, the bulldog will hump and ejaculate just as he would normally in a true breeding. The difference is it is preformed quickly and is watched carefully to make sure he doesn't overheat, and should be 10-15 minutes at most (quicker for experienced sires).

    It is very common for younger bulldogs to have an accidental breeding. Their body structures when they are young give them more mobility and time before they get too overheated. Many owners don't realize their young pup can get pregnant. A female can get pregnant as soon as they have a heat cycle, and many times their first heat cycle can even be "silent". Males usually don't produce good numbers of active semen until they are 10 months old - but as with anything, there is no standard set of rules for when dogs start their heat cycle, when it finishes, when they become fertile, how long between cycles- it all varies from one dog to the next just as it does in humans.

    In no way should bulldogs ever be bred until they are two years old, or close to it. Many genetic health issues may not show up in the first 2 years, and they need ALL their vitamins and hormones to grow themselves before they start growing little bulldogs inside their bodies. So first and foremost, your job as a breeder is to make sure your mamma is #1 priority. She should be eating the BEST foods, taking a NuVet Plus Supplement each day, and at peak health at the time of breeding. Never breed a dam who is not well and needs ANY type of medicine.

    Breeding ANY dog before they are fully grown us like having children under the age of 10 get pregnant and have a baby. So be wise, and if you plan on breeding, do it by Artificial Insemination and wait until they are at least 2 years old (or close to that age).

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