• English Bulldog Breeding - Chapter 5: Are You Expecting?

    English Bulldog X-ray, can you find the puppies?

    Is my bulldog pregnant? The wait is long and tedious to find out the answer to this question.

    So you have successfully achieved artificial insemination, and now the wait begins! Most dams do not show any signs of possibly being pregnant at all in the first 4 weeks of their gestation. On occasion, you may notice some odd or unusual behavior that can be an indicator, but for the most part you will not know for sure unless you get an ultrasound done. Nausea during the first week of gestation can also be an indicator.

    Even though you do not know if your dam is pregnant, you must do everything thinking she is. Absolutely NO CHEMICALS must be put on her during her early gestation! This can cause your puppies to develop wrong or be reabsorbed. Many over the counter bulldog products contain very dangerous chemicals. You should consult with your vet before using any medicated shampoos, ear cleaners, wrinkle cleaners, ect.

    Puppies that do not make it are in the first several weeks of gestation are reabsorbed by the dam. If you do get an ultrasound, it is possible you will see puppies during the ultrasound and then have no puppies in the end. I do not get the ultrasound done, I prefer to wait until the are at least 50 days in gestation. By then my dam is already showing, so I know for sure she is indeed expecting.

    During the first month of possible pregnancy, feed your bulldog only 1/4 cup more a day. You only want to give her a little extra food, if she gains too much weight it will be very hard on her. Your dam should be getting some folic acid, as bulldogs are very prone to have puppies with spina bifida. This will help decrease the chances. You can buy these tablets at Walgreens, I give them one tablet a day. Also, immediately start giving your bulldog a high quality supplement if you are not already on one. We highly recommend NUVET PLUS.

    At 5 weeks gestation, you will want to switch your mom to a high quality puppy food. We use Fromm Puppy, and remember to switch her food very slowly from the old food to the new puppy food. The slower you switch the better, so it does not give her digestive upset in her tummy. This is the food you will continue to feed to her while she nurses her puppies.

    Some early signs of canine pregnancy is all in the nipple and teet area. The hair around the nipples seems longer and thinner, as it makes way for the nipple growth that will be coming. You can possibly see this in week 3-4.

    X-ray scans cannot be taken until your dam is at least 45 days in gestation, but even sometimes it can take up to day 50. The reason is because the bone density is not hard enough to be picked up by the X-ray machine.

    By week 5, the nipples will grow, and they will grow A LOT! They will double, triple, or even quadruple in size, so it is certainly very noticeable. Week 6 is when you will know for sure that your female is pregnant. Looking down at her from above you should start to see her widen in her middle, and now she will look noticeably bigger and her teets will begin to get bigger. It is very exciting knowing you do in fact have a litter on the way after such a long wait.

    Now you only have 3 weeks left, so let the fun begin!!! Getting everything ready, preparing, nesting, and making sure everything is perfect for your new little fur-grandkids!

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