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    How much do you charge for your puppies?

    Our puppies can range anywhere from $2,000-$3,500 depending on current and recent litter sizes, breeding expenses and other factors.

    Do your puppies come with a health guarantee?

    Absolutely. In the event of any genetic disorder being diagnosed for your puppy that is not due to improper care or neglect for 1 full year.

    Why are your dogs more expensive than the ones I see on internet advertising websites or in the classified section of the newspaper?

    There are several reasons you may think our bulldogs are expensive, but our prices are comparable to most reputable breeders. If you see English Bulldog puppies for sale on the internet, there could be one of many reasons for their "low prices".

    -Most likely a scam. There are many scammers who prey on people who are wanting an English Bulldog puppy. They usually post these puppies for sale for under $1000, or even "FREE".

    -Backyard breeder, large kennel or puppy mill. These are people who will breed their English Bulldogs over and over, and have several dogs in their posession. These dogs live in cages and are overbred, and used to be a puppy making machines. They are not well taken care of, socialized and tormented dogs. Is it worth saving a few hundred dollars to get a puppy and keep these people in business? Their puppies usually grow up to be unhealthy, with poor health conditions and expensive vet bills. Because many people can not pay the vet bills, they end up in a shelter or rescue. It is a vicious cycle.

    -Imported puppy mill dog. Many "breeders" claim to be "breeders", but they actually have gotten money hungry and import puppies from other countries. Not always, but usually these are cheap bulldog puppies who are puppy mill produced. I have fallen victim myself to purchasing one of the puppies, and the vet bills costed me thousands. They give buyers the false impression that they have bred these dogs.

    -Puppies not registered. All of our puppies are AKC registered puppies. If a puppy does not have papers from AKC, you cannot be certain of what the bloodlines are. Are you truely getting an English Bulldog?

    -We take pride in our dogs. Our dogs have their own room, are fed high quality dog foods ONLY. They are fully wormed and protected against Giardia. They will receive at least their first set of vaccinations. They do not leave our home until they have received all of the above.

    -100% lifetime support. When you buy a Desert Sky Bulldog puppy, you buy us along with it. Before you are even allowed to make a deposit, we will have a phone or person interview with you to make sure you have done your research. These are our "grandchildren", and we keep in touch as well as provide any advice we can. Photos and updates on how they are doing is required! We like to keep in touch with all of our families and we are only a phone call or text away if you have any question.

    -Registered and Microchipped. All of our dogs are Microchipped and we also register your dog with AKC and the microchip company 1 week after you take it home. You will receive the papers on take home day, but we will go ahead and take care of the registration online. We do this to ensure that we are listed as the backup contact on the registries. You will need to have a name picked out for your puppy within one week so this can be done.

    I don't live near Tucson, can you fly a puppy to me?

    While we prefer to adopt our puppies locally, and the only way we will sell out of state is if I know you and you are willing to travel to pick up your puppy.

    I want to reserve a puppy from your next litter, how do I do this?

    We are no longer doing a waiting list for future puppies as we do not want to feel obligated to breed our bulldogs to fulfill a waiting list requirement. Since our bulldogs are our pets first and all of the family is involved with helping raise the litters, we will only plan to breed when it is a good time for our whole family.

    However, you can REGISTER and registered members will be the first to know by E-mail upon the arrival of a new litter or plans on having a new litter. We will contact you via E-mail with any exciting news! You should receive a welcome E-mail from us if you do register. If you do not get this email, please check your junk or spam folders and add us to your safe senders list. Puppies will be adopted on a first come first serve basis to registered members before putting them on our website.

    The $500 (total) deposit is applied toward the final price of the puppy. So for example, if the puppy is $2,500- you will owe the remaining balance of $2,000 when you pick up your puppy. Payment to be made in full, checks are not accepted.

    Will I be given the right to breed my puppy when it grows up?

    All of our pups are sold/adopted with a spay & neuter contract with AKC "LIMITED" registration. Show potential puppies and show families can receive the FULL AKC registration without spay & neuter contract with co-ownership until they are 2 years old. Certain exceptions can be made with contract terms only for serious breeders and mentoring involvement. Breeding English Bulldogs is very time consuming and expensive, as well as dangerous for your bulldog if you do not know what you are doing. This is why we are very strict about our contract terms so if you have any questions please contact us and we can set up a phone interview.

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