• English Bulldog Breeding - Chapter 3: Choosing A Mate

    Assuming you are the owner of the dam and you are looking for stud services, you should be interviewing prospects long before it is time to do the actual breeding.

    Take your time and search for a great stud who will compliment your dam's features. If your dam's legs are a little long and lanky, you should look for a male who has more bone and shorter legs, as an example.

    You should view the English Bulldog Standard closely and try to breed quality and positive traits while trying to keep the healthiest bulldogs possible. I personally prefer a little less bone in my pups to help with their mobility, and I always make it a priority to breed parents who have great breathing systems that have not been surgically improved or corrected.

    Don't settle for any stud you can find. Require the stud give you a recent certificate of health, ask if you can get their veterinarian's phone number and allow them to release their medical records to you.

    If you choose an unhealthy stud, you will greatly increase your chances of the pups being born with a severe health issue that could potentially cost you more than you could ever adopt a pup out for.

    Great places to search for a good stud would be with proven studs. Get references! See photos of previous litters. Visit breeders who are of a good reputation and see if they offer stud services. Go to dog shows where there is English Bulldogs and speak with show breeders. Check with your closest Bulldog Club.

    Do not just breed with any ole' bulldog neighbor you meet!

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