• English Bulldog Breeding - Chapter 1: Introduction

    I'm Lisa, also known as "bullmama", and I am a breeder hobbyist, rescuer and long time lover of English Bulldogs. I can also be called a bulldog snob- but that is a compliment, because I am a true lover of this breed. My husband and 4 children are also very involved in our breeding program. We do not breed our bulldogs all the time, but when we do we try our hardest to give you the most healthy well balanced and sociable sweet little puppy you could ever want. We have been married for 21 years and our first dog together was an English Bulldog named Baby. When my husband and I got her we were basically obsessed with her, she was our child. I could not wait to get my bulldog club newsletter each month! We decided we would someday become bulldog breeders, mainly because she made me read every book, and seek out other bulldog owners, and find bulldog nick nacks, statues, blankets, anything bulldog related we had to have..... oh boy we had quite the collection! Remember it was much different back then since we did not have the internet. Baby changed our life, for the better. She was perfect for us.

    Many who know me well may wonder why in the world I have decided to write a book about how to breed English Bulldogs, since I'm more into rescue than breeding.

    I will tell you now why I have decided to do it. Lately I have seen a huge increase of bad breeding practices, and the bad breeding information is all over the web. Rare color breeding, tube feeding from birth, giving antibiotics in goat milk with a syringe.... people who are looking to breed are getting their information from these places, and in the end they are breeding unhealthy bulldogs. I am seeing entire litters dying on social media, something I do believe could have been prevented, if they knew what they were doing.

    The main reason I chose to write this book is because those who intend on breeding are going to do it regardless. So my reasoning is that they should have better information, especially if they do not have a mentor, and are just seeking advice over the internet. This internet is full of bad information. I saw a YouTube video just the other day that stated the "BEST" way to feed English Bulldog puppies was to first tube feed them, then when they are two weeks old they syringe feed. They add Flagyl to the milk. Flagyl is an antibiotic!!!! This is the type of information people are getting.

    As all good breeders out there know, it is hard to breed healthy bulldogs even with the most healthy parents selected, and genetics can creep up from generations back. So in this book I will be discussing how to breed to try to get the most healthy bulldog puppies as possible, and of course show the reality of how hard it is to breed these beautiful babies. Hopefully it will discourage many from wanting to try and breed, and for those who are going to breed, they can have a step-by-step guide on how to do it to ensure their pups have the best chance at surviving the first 2 weeks, and also being as healthy as they can be in their future.

    Another reason I chose to write this book is because many of my good friends have been turned down for rescue, and I will not get into details but in the end, they had to get a puppy. Some were not approved, or even given the courtesy of a response at all. Some people just do not qualify to adopt because they have young children or live in an apartment. Because of this, the demand for puppies is out there and it will not go away if there is too many restrictions on adoption.

    Sadly most who will breed English Bulldogs in the next few years will be looking to the internet for advice, and I am not sure if the way I do it is "perfect", but I think I have a pretty good track record for health, survival and genetic issues, with less than 5% of my pups have any health issues at all. Those hell bent on breeding are going to do it anyway, no matter what you or I say, so maybe they will do it better if they have a good resource.

    Long ago I wrote an article for English Bulldog News giving the basics on how to breed. You can view this article HERE. The purpose of this article was to discourage many from even trying to breed, and I do believe it served it's purpose. So I am hoping that giving a more detailed account on having a bulldog puppy litter that it will continue to serve that purpose. Breeding English Bulldogs is not something most of the population can do, and in this book I will justify my thoughts on this statement.

    If you are viewing this section of my website and only see a small number of Chapters published, that is because I am currently working on this book, so you will have to come back later to see future publishing. This book is a week by week and step by step guide, and will contain approximately 45 chapters.

    I really hope that this will help the bulldog community. I do. This was a very hard decision for me to make but I do believe in my heart from my experiences over the past 20 years that this will help others, and hopefully save bulldogs from an unhealthy life due to poor breeding.

    For those of you who have come to learn how to breed and to do it right, thank you for reading and doing your research. All of the breeders out there had to start somewhere, and knew in their hearts that this was their calling in life. English Bulldogs have been a part of my life that I am so proud of. My bulldogs, my grandpuppies, all the families I keep in touch with, my group of English Bulldog friends, being the founder and administrator of English Bulldog News, French Bulldog News, Pet Help Forum and Special Needs Bulldogs. Without Bulldogs in my life, I am sure my life would be unfulfilled and empty.

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