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06-22-2014, 01:13 PM

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I have been a NuVet Plus user for 4 years, and recently after many recommendations and research I have decided to add NuJoint Plus to my bulldog's daily diet and supplements.

I use the NuVet Plus as a treat, so now I also use the NuJoint as an additional treat!

Here is what I have learned through my research on Joint supplements and why I chose NuJoint DS.

--You save 10% off your order if you sign up for the autoship program, NuVet Plus you save 15%

--NuJoint is manufactured in a FDA Human Pharmaceutical Laboratory – others are not.

--Great for canines with arthritis, hip problems or joint issues

--What is on the label is guaranteed to be in the product

--NuJoint is manufactured using only human grade ingredients – others use ingredients that are standard in the pet industry – whatever that means.

--I found out that other joint supplements are inferior due to additives. Here is a popular joint supplement in comparison to Nujoint DS: NuJoint vs. Nutromax Dasuquin Advanced (http://pethelpforum.com/general-pet-talk/418-nujoint-plus-ds-vs-nutromax-dasuquin-advanced.html)

--NuJoint is made palatable using real chicken liver – others use sugar in some form and/or soy. 94% of the soy grown in the USA is genetically engineered (GE) Soy is a big NO NO for bulldogs!

--I have also seen cheap supplements that are mainly fillers, with rice and other ingredients! You get what you pay for....

--NuJoint DS only has 5 ingredients; Glucosamine sulfate, Chondroitin sulfate, MSM, Ester-C and chicken liver. Nothing else!

--You can start your bulldog on NuJoint as early as puppy-hood, as a matter of fact it is recommended to help them with their joints and growth. For puppies I recommend at least using the NuJoint Plus instead of the NuJoint DS. (the DS= double strength)

--According to a recent article in ConsumerLab.com, they state:

Choose Joint Health Supplement for Pet Carefully – New Review: We tested and compared joint health supplement for pets and were alarmed to find that none of the products selected for testing passed our tests. In fact, one contained just 16% of its listed Chondroitin – an expensive ingredient.

--NuJoint DS comes with a money back guarantee. Try the product for 60 days and if you are not convinced that it is the very best on the market you can return the unused portion for a full refund!


500 mg. Glucosamine Sulfate
250 mg. Chondroitin Sulfate
250 mg. MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)
50 mg. Vitamin C (Ester-CŪ)
Flavored with Real Chicken Liver